Naturella Normal Hygienical Pads 10pcs

70 g
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Beauty is not only an external appearance, but also an internal sensation. Your period shouldn't stop you from looking and feeling beautiful. We are convinced that, like a flower in the rain, your skin becomes vulnerable during menstruation and needs super-gentle protection. Soft sanitary napkins Naturella Classic Normal Chamomile with wings that help to securely fix the napkin, provide protection for the skin in the intimate area during the day with moderate discharge. They are the only pads for women to contain Dermacrem, a unique dry anti-irritant lotion that has been clinically proven to work. Naturella Classic Normal sanitary napkins have a chamomile scent and flower-shaped grooves with an exclusive absorbent system, while absorbent fibers help to distribute and retain liquid inside, ensuring dryness and comfort. Naturella pads provide the extra protection you need during your period by taking care of your skin. Menstruation can be troublesome, and during this time, protective equipment shouldn't be another source of discomfort. For extra protection at night, use Naturella Classic Night.


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    70 g
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    10 pcs
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    24 months
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