Yagotinsky Brinza Picked Cheese 45%

per 1 kg
178.10 UAH

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Cheese "Brynza" TM "Yagotynskoe" is a soft pickled cheese, which has a very pleasant taste and unique texture. It is perfect for any feast, and will also appeal to all lovers of salty. 

Cheese "Brynza" is made from pasteurized cow's milk by fermenting it with a ferment of pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria. Thanks to the natural method of production, cheese "Brynza" acquires incomparable, in proportion to the salty, sour-milk taste, smell and consistency. 

Cheese "Brynza" is widely used in Ukrainian cuisine. It is put in salads, pizza and sandwiches, used as a filling for pies, added to dumplings, cereals and potatoes. This cheese is especially popular in Transcarpathia; it is an integral ingredient in many traditional dishes, such as banosh, kereset and machanka.


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    "yagotynsky butter plant" slc
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    per 1 kg
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  • Shelf life
    30 days
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